Cheryl + Aaron.  These two awesome people tied the knot in the beautiful gardens of Drenagh Estate, Limavady, Northern Ireland.  Drenagh is a grand enchanting Georgian house with its rich wooded grounds.

Family and guests flew in from around the world as far away as New Zealand to see this beautiful couple tie the knot.

Cheryl was a true picture of old Hollywood glamour, and all I can say is “that dress” it was incredible!

Cheryl and Aaron tied the knot in a moon garden ceremony hidden in the grounds in front of their family, friends and their two adorable boys.

The torrent of rain during the photographs didn’t faze the couple they said umbrella’s up, let’s make this happen.

Their wedding celebrations continued late into the night.  The party was in full swing with little boys running up and down the grand staircase, the twinkling of the lights at dancing and a couple truly madly in love in the centre of it all.

Cheryl, Aaron and their two sweet little boys stole our hearts.


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