Aoife + Jeremy. This really sweet couple chose to have their wedding in Farnham Estate, County Cavan, Ireland.  The venue is set on a 1300-acre country estate surrounded by only woodland.

Aoife and Jeremy were super chilled getting ready in separate parts of the Hotel.  As the ceremony got closer there was literally no sign of nerves.

After these two became one and lots of hugs and kisses from their family and friends, Aoife kicked off her beautiful heels for a pair of wellington boots. We all jumped in a golf cart and drove through the woodland to a beautiful hidden lake.

As we photographed Aoife and Jeremy they both radiated with the just got married glow.  We still see it as a privilege that wedding photographers get to spend these intimate moments with our couples.

The celebrations continued with heart felt speeches at dinner.  A little toddler crawled in and out of the tables and the guests applauded the little boy thought everyone was clapping for him, priceless.

The party continued on into the beautiful summer evening with guests spilling out onto the beautiful lawns.

This was a pretty special wedding.  Aoife and Jeremy you guys are a chilled sweet couple.


Alexander_and_Eve_Farnham_Estate_champagne_Alexander_and_Eve_Farnham_Estate_champagne_1Alexander_and_Eve_Farnham_Estate_bridesmaid_1Alexander_and_Eve_Farnham_Estate_bridesmaidAlexander_and_Eve_Farnham_EstateAlexander_and_Eve_Farnham_Estate_flowergirlAlexander_and_Eve_Farnham_Estate_flowergirl_1Alexander_and_Eve_Farnham_Estate_flowers Alexander_and_Eve_Farnham_Estate_flower Alexander_and_Eve_Farnham_Estate_ceremony_2 Alexander_and_Eve_Farnham_Estate_ceremony_1Alexander_and_Eve_Farnham_Estate Alexander_and_Eve_Farnham_Estate_bride_groom_1 Alexander_and_Eve_Farnham_Estate_band